LAMBERT Waterban® 60SM Waterseal, 5 GAL

LAMBERT Waterban® 60SM Waterseal, 5 GAL

  • $ 45.00

Waterban® 60SM is a single-component asphaltic emulsion manufactured in three different viscosities, fibrated and non-, and designed to be used as an above-grade damp-proof coating.

Non-asbetos asphalt and water emulsion for application by spray, brush, or trowel depending on the grade specified. Use above and below grade to build a moisture resistant vapor barrier on interior and exterior surfaces above and below grade.



  • SM (semimastic) product will cover 33 ft²/gal at a DFT of 24 mils (0.8 m²/liter at a DFT of 0.6 mm).


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